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Basic Print Book Formatting: We will create an attractive book interior, ready to publish, with correct margins, front matter and page numbering for chapters.
"Traditional Publisher's UpgPrint Book raded Formatting: We will create a custom, professional interior design for your print book with odd/even running headers page numbering in the footers (or headers if you wish), Roman numeral page numbers for the front matter, and the first page of your first chapter will be page 1 in arabic (regular) numerals. Your book will look like it came from a major publishing house.
A good design enables a reader to simply enjoy the content, and not be distracted by sloppy formatting. Correct formatting also takes into consideration the finished size of your book, and overall number of pages for proper binding allowance.

Your ebook will have clean, flowing text, and proper image placement. Table of contents will be clickable, allowing your reader to instantly jump to any chapter. Since the text flows, eBooks do not have page numbers.
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On a Word document, word count is shown at bottom left of open document.
If your ebook requires a fixed (print replica) layout, such as a children's book full of images, or a textbook with images and figures, or a comic book or graphic novel, we can format it so the reader is guided automatically through the book, in proper order, with smooth transitions. (This is not the old, cumbersome "double-tap" way of magnifying text which many readers found irritating.)
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Print & eBook
Cover Design/Formatting
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