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"The Bible: A Summary For My Grandsons" by J. Kevin Whitt 
This book has at least one image on every other page, block paragraphs, running headers with book title on even pages, and author name on odd pages; running footer page numbers. It is just one example of a custom interior book layout design.
Sample Layout Designs
Sample Cover Designs
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The Promised Blessings of God For All Juat Call Me Cowboy The Man From Catspaw Evangelism and the True Christian Way of Life The Bible: A Summary For My Grandsons by J. Kevin Whitt
"Frankie Officially Joins the FBI" Book 3 of The Frankie Adventures,  by L. M. Nielsen
Below is an example of a Publishing House Upgrade. This book starts each chapter at half page, has indented paragraphs, drop caps (first paragraph of first page of each chapter), running headers with book title on even pages, and author name on odd pages, and page numbers at outside edge of each page, except for first page of each chapter. We can also make page numbers centered at the bottom of each page. The front matter (not pictured here) has Roman numerals. 
Sheila the Assassin by James M. Glass
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Print & eBook
Cover Design/Formatting
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Sample 3D Mockups
Below is an example of basic print format, which has a fancy title page, page numbers at bottom, starting with chapter one, and fancy chapter heading.