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The following resources are free or low-cost. We'll add more as we find them. You're welcome :)

  1. Get To Know Your Reader (And Sell More Books!)
  2. How To Get A Great eBook Cover Done On Fiverr
  3. Cover Template Generator (Helpful For Your Cover Designer, Based On Your Exact Book)
  4. Stuck? Here Are Some Writing Prompts
  5. Email Services, Writing/Organizing Software, Book Covers, Websites, Etc.
  6. How To Find A Freelance Editor
  7. How To Self-Publish on Barnes & Noble Nook Press
  8. How To Self-Publish On Amazon KDP
  9. How To Grab A Reader With A Great Book Description ?
  10. Are you having illustrations commissioned for your book? Keep the following in mind:
    1. First, decide what size your book will be.
    2. Decide if the illustrations will be full bleed (i.e., covering the entire page, all the way to the edge).
    3. Let your illustrator know both of the above, and request a minimum of 300 dpi images that are the size you desire.

  1. Amazon Author Central
  2. Goodreads Author Program
  3. Step-By-Step Guide To Create a Facebook Author Page
  4. Get Organized With Penny Sanseviere's Quarterly Amazon Planner
  5. Get Reviews From Real Readers (ARC: Advanced Review Copy) - A Great Review On This HERE
  6. 127 Free And Paid eBook Promotion Sites
  7. Top Trends Fpr 2020 Every Author Should Know 
  8. FREE 3-D Book Mockups

  1. What Kind Of Writer Should You Be?
  2. Are You A True Ancient Literature Expert?
  3. What Motivates You In Life?
  4. What Kind Of Personality Are You?
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