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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What if you make a mistake formatting my book?
Then I will make it right! I provide unlimited revisions to correct mistakes I make (this is unlikely, but I am human after all).
Will my formatted eBook file be the same as my print book file?
No -- eBook text "flows" based on the screen size of the device on which it is viewed, so page size and numbers are irrelevant.
Is your stated delivery time in concrete?
Not necessarily -- we strive to deliver our services as quickly as possible.
What options do I have if you make my print book cover and eBook marketing image?
You may supply your own images (make sure you have a legal right to use, and supply attribution if necessary). Or, you may allow me to choose a few free-to-use-commercially images from which you may choose.
What file format will you deliver to me once the layout design is done?
We can deliver a .docx, a .pdf, an .rtf, a .kpf. A .pdf is best for Amazon KDP, print version; a .kpf works best for an ebook. If you use Lulu, you will need a perfect .pdf, with fonts embedded and transparencies flattened.
I can't find many reviews for you. How do I know you will do a good job?
That is an excellent question. See About Us and Testimonials. We'll put our 25+ years' experience to work for you, and, with your input, give you a finished product of which you will be proud.
Where can I see examples of your design, formatting, and cover work?
Here are some of our recent projects, some of which you can click on, and "see inside" on Amazon!
How long will it take you to format my book?
Once you receive confirmation of your order, please allow 1 week for completion of your project. Oftentimes we complete a project prior to 1 week, but occasionally formatting issues arise which prolong delivery.
What are some of the design elements you employ?
We set the margins, headers, footers, gutter (based on the size of  your book), page numbers, chapter headings, etc. for your book so that the appearance of the words on the page is consistent, pleasing to the eye, and not a distraction to your readers.

Copyright page, dedication, acknowledgements, titles of your other books, table of contents we include all these and place them in the proper order.

Did you know that odd pages and even pages can display different information in the header? Like having the title of your book appear at the top of odd pages, and the author name at the top of the even pages. We do that too!

Different sections of a book typically have different numbering formats. Page numbers in the front matter will often be displayed as Roman numerals, and the first chapter of your book will restart the numbering in regular Arabic numerals.
What exactly is book design and formatting?
Great question! The short answer is - once your book has been written, proofread, and edited, it is ready for the final layout design. This includes correct trim size, paragraph format, fonts, headers, footers, page numbers, odd/even page settings, gutter, chapter headings, table of contents, etc.
Can you do it yourself? Technically, yes - but, if you value the hair on your head, and your sanity, allow us to get your manuscript publish-ready! It will save you a lot of frustration, and, at our prices, it really is a no-brainer.
If I hire you, am I stuck in a contract?
Of course not! Our services are non-exclusive. You may hire us to help you prepare your manuscript and assist you to self-publish to KDP, and hire another company to publish the same book at another publishing site. Although, once you check the prices of other book designers and publishing assistance entities, we're confident you will come back to us for your next project, voluntarily.
Keep in mind that if you utilitze a free ISBN number provided by a self-publishing site, it cannot be used at any other publishing venue. When publishing at multiple sites, you will need a separate ISBN for each publishing venue (unless you bought one from Bowker -- Neilsen in the UK -- in which case you may use your purchased ISBN everywhere for the same book.
If you plan to get your book into libraries and book stores, it makes sense, and has a more professional look, to purchase your own ISBN. Bowker is the official ISBN supplier in the United States and Australia. Information about ISBN for other countries can be found HERE.
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