Even using a template was extremely frustrating. So I checked out websites offering assistance to indie authors. I was astounded by the prices the overwhelming majority of them charge! So I went back to school, so to speak. Building on the knowledge and skills of MS Word I already possessed, I spent many weeks researching and practicing, and I learned how to make a document look exactly the way I wanted.

That's when I realized that I could utilize my design skills, and my working knowledge of Microsoft Word, to help other authors realize their dream of publishing their book, with a professional appearance, without breaking the bank. And that's what I've been doing for the last 5 years.

Many websites make derogatory remarks about Microsoft Word. Don't be fooled by those using expensive software (that they want you to pay for). If anyone tells you that MS Word isn't suitable for professionally formatting a manuscript for publication, that person simply does not know how to use the software. I do. Just look at some of our recent projects.

 I love being able to provide outstanding service to indie authors, at affordable prices.

Hi, I'm Marsha, your professional book layout designer, formatter, and self-publishing assistant.

I began researching the publishing process several years ago for my husband's first published book (The Bible: A Summary For My Grandsons, by J. Kevin Whitt) - see a sample HERE. At this point, I had over 20 years experience using Microsoft Word, but was still having trouble getting his book design just right.
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