Yes, YOU Can Be A Published Author!

Whether you've written a novel, textbook, or children's book, we can help you ready it for publishing so your book has a professional appearance.
Competition among indie authors has exploded in recent years; thanks, in part, to self-publishing technology, which has advanced so that ANYONE can be a published author. And it no longer carries a "meaningless" stigma -- some very well known authors have self-published works -- like John Grisham and Michael J. Sullivan.

You've worked hard on your book - poured your heart and soul into it. When you are ready for publishing, don't skimp just to say you made it to the finish line.

Poor sentence structure, poor grammar and poor spelling are not conducive to a pleasurable reading experience for your reader, or for your sales -- a copy editor (if your budget allows), or, at the very least, a few of your English-structure-nerd friends, can help remedy these problems.

Likewise, a poorly designed book interior is distracting to the reader -- it just doesn't "feel" right; the reader may not even know why. That's where we come in - we can properly format your print book and your ebook so that this is a non-issue, and your readers are simply free to relax and enjoy the content of your book.
And we can complete the publishing process for you with the self-publishing site of your choice. We prefer KDP (Amazon), but can work with others as well. If you want to publish with another site, even one we have not yet used, no problem. We are willing to learn the ropes (on our dime) and publish your book anywhere you like. (Obviously, if it is a site that charges a fee to publish, you would be responsible for that.) Another reason we prefer KDP -- it is FREE to self-publish; the only fee they charge is a share of your royalties, only when you sell, in exchange for their invaluable service. We think that's pretty fair.

There are many websites that offer book formatting and publishing assistance, with lots of bells and whistles -- they will, for a handsome fee:
You can literally (nice pun, huh?) spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on publishing your book. But you don't have to.

Be cautious of "vanity" or "subsidy" publishers; this is an area where there are many unscrupulous and unethical practices, and many of them require hefty up-front fees, as well as insisting that you purchase x-number of printed copies of your book. Of course there are reputable vanity publishers, but be prepared to fork out some serious cash.

Large traditional publishing houses might be persuaded to publish your book, and if you're really lucky, you'll get about 10% of the royalties from the sales of your book, after YOU have done much, or all, of the marketing! Unless you already have a very recognizable name, that's what you can expect, so you might as well self-publish, do your own marketing (or hire a marketer), and retain 100% of the royalties. That's right - when you enlist our deisgn, formatting, and publishing services, YOU retain 100% ownership, control, AND 100% of your royalties (less any fees charged by your selected publishing venue).
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We offer No Bull, Just Publishing! We help you get your book ready for publishing by offering quality design, formatting, economical, but attractive, book covers, and self-publishing assistance services, at affordable prices. If you want or need those extra services mentioned above, there are economical ways of getting them:
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A professional layout lets the reader know that you are a serious writer, may allow you to command a higher retail price for your works, and result in more word-of-mouth advertising.
ALL of our formatting is done by HAND (no automatic machination riddled with errors)!
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